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Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Instructor

 I started playing the guitar in 1990.  By the fall of 1992 I was working in the local music store, giving a few lessons and playing in original punk and metal bands.  In 1993 I took on a full roster of students and started playing in cover bands on the weekends to supplement my income.  Fast forward to 2019 and after decades of playing guitar and bass in cover bands covering everything from blues to rock I no longer play in bands but focus solely on lessons as they have always been the most rewarding and enjoyable.  

   I do not put demands on students and believe lessons should be fun, at the student's own pace and an outlet for for creativity and sometimes a way to just vent frustrations or forget about everything else for a while.  For those that choose a slightly more involved journey I am a huge proponent of theory as it is like learning a language that allows you to communicate your ideas with others and opens many musical doors.  There are many avenues to explore with an instrument, some may want to spend hours on technical exercises working diligently with a metronome while others may want to see how many interesting noises they can make, both have value and are worthy of exploration and appreciation.  

   Music has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me, it has provided a living, a new challenge every day and an incredible outlet.  I feel I am here to try and inspire and guide anyone else with a desire to play music.


Owner/Drum Instructor

With over 25 years of pro playing experience and studio work laying drum tracks for several independent artists, Keon has been known to sit in for session drummers like Randy Cooke (Independent, Kim Mitchell) and Jeff Salem (Independent, Lee Aaron).  In 1998 he toured Western Canada which brought him out to Cranbrook, British Columbia, to continue his craft of teaching the drums to over 200 students and gigging on a regular basis as he sits idly by waiting for those drum endorsements from Pearl, Sabian, Evans and Vic Firth.

Keon is a Taurus and in his spare time he enjoys learning how to use chopsticks and watching the Karate Kid movies.

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